This is the third Anno Solare, the last work cycle that will culminate in the next Santarcangelo • 14 theatre festival, that will take place from the 11th to 20th of July 2014.
The program that we have composed is again divided in two parts, Winter and Spring, that involve different activities, including the artistic residencies and the film presentations that lead up to the public opening of “It’s spring!” and the “Touring Company (lo traduciamo? Forse meglio lasciare il nome originale)” theatre trips, as well as numerous workshops for children and teenagers. There are, however, two important changes that intend to describe an idea, a reflection on the concepts of festival and work. Anno Solare therefore begins with two rounds of seminars: the first is addressed to other festival directors, who are invited to talk about the functions, the ideas and the operating modes of a festival; the second consists of a meeting with the working group that joins us every year in spring for the production of the festival, to whom we intend to give an even more important role in the programming and design phases of this year’s event.
These two events are exclusively addressed to festival workers, and even though they do not involve the Santarcangelo citizens – who are directly invited to take part in the rest of the events organized for Anno Solare – they speak about Santarcangelo’s working relationship with another important community: the community of people who have decided to dedicate their life and work to the world of theatre and festivals.

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