Janez Janša

My name is Janez Janša

Wed 16 July 2014
1h 7'
Film in sloveno e inglese con sottotitoli in italiano.

Winner of the 2014 Bellaria Film Festival’s Casa Rossa Art Doc competion, My Name is Janez Janša is a documentary that tells the story of three artists – Emil Hrvatin, Davide Grassi e Žiga Kariž – that make the radical choice of legally changing their names to Janez Janša, the name of Slovenia’s Prime Minister (2004-2013) and leader of Slovenia’s democratic party, well-known for his intransigent control of power. This artistic documentary can be divided in two main parts. In the first tranche, the audience is introduced to the difficult world of names. Bearing an evident resemblance to a journalistic inquiry, the documentary features many clips and interviews from around the world, while the director/journalist tells us about the myriad of cases involving absurdity and paradoxes related to names and surnames. The second part illustrates the lives of the families revolving around the three artists that have chosen to have the same name as the leader of the Slovenian Democratic Party, with unimaginable comical consequences.

Janez Janša is a graduate from Milan’s Academy of Fine Arts, a conceptual artist, performer and producer. His work has a strong social engagement and is characterized by the use of cross-media. He is co- founder and director of Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art in Ljubljana. He studies and applies virtual reality technologies to his performances.
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