Silvio Castiglioni

L’uomo è un animale feroce.
da Nino Pedretti

A man takes the floor at an academic conference eager to share his point of view. Once he reaches the stage, he seizes the microphone and indulges in various soliloquies in which he pours out the substance of his life in a transfigured form which gives way to an exhilarating comic effect. L’uomo è un animale feroce is based on some of Nino Pedretti’s monologues, a well known poet who expressed himself in Santarcangelo’s dialect. What we see here are some of his short texts in his dialect – they had originally been penned for radio broadcasting but they never aired – in an amused, mournful and cruel tone. The old-time project of radio broadcasting has now become theater, where the intonations of the characters’ monologues sound like different disguises of the very author: various changing moods of the same person.

Silvio Castiglioni, actor and theater researcher, is one of the founders of the CRT Centro di Ricerca per il Teatro, and of the Teatro di Ventura. He has worked among others with Raúl Ruiz, Mauricio Paroni de Castro, Renato Gabrielli, François Khan, Eugenio Barba, Katzuko Azuma, Leo de Berardinis, Federico Tiezzi. From 1998 to 2005 he was the director of the Santarcangelo Festival and in 2011/12 of the CRT in Milan.

adaptation and interpretation Silvio Castiglioni concept Silvio Castiglioni, Georgia Galanti cooperation Roberto Scappin/, Giovanni Guerrieri e Giulia Gallo light Luca Brolli, Valeria Foti production Celesterosa/I sacchi di Sabbia with the contribution of Provincia di Rimini e Regione Emila Romagna in collaboration with Comuni di Cattolica e Santarcangelo di Romagna, Università degli Studi di Urbino and supported by Regione Toscana.
Heartfelt thanks to Paolo, Anna Maria e Giaele Pedretti per l’incitamento e la disponibilità; a Manuela Ricci, Ennio Grassi, Tiziana Mattioli ed Elena Nicolini per i consigli.
The Pedretti’s monologues appear in two volumes by Walter Raffaelli Publisher: Monologhi e racconti e Grammatiche

piazza Ganganelli
Thu 11th, h: 21:30
length 1h
free access

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